A Spark of Hope

If you feel like the wind has been knocked out of you every time you turn on the news or read a newspaper, I do too. If you feel like things keep getting more and more dystopian with each Supreme Court ruling, you aren’t wrong.


These last few weeks have shown us the results of a 40+ year-long game. The Republicans have set their sights on absolute power through the courts and have just started their rolling back of civil rights.


Even I, the biggest self-care advocate in the world, started thinking that at this time in history people aren’t thinking about how to make changes in their lives, but rather thinking about their actual survival.


What will it take for each of us to raise our kids, keep our communities safe, and to fight back? What will it take to survive this time in history?


What do we do when we’re already exhausted from the ongoing pandemic and economic + political injustice?


In the weeks since Roe was overturned, I’ve come back to one of my favorite quotes over and over again.

There IS hope.


We can use self-care as a tool to fuel our activism.


Activists have been preparing for these exact times for decades. They have been laying the foundation for fighting back.


Now is our time to learn from them. It is time to look to the people who have been leading and ask how we can be of service.


In Deferred Maintenance Immersion we talked about how self-care and activism work together. We defined our values, identified issues closest to our hearts, dove deeper into what we need to do in order to have the capacity to show up and be of service and we learned imperfect action gets us farther than none at all.


We also brainstormed who is already leading the fight for issues we care about. Learning from experts and following their lead means we don’t have to do it all ourselves.


We can all do something.



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