EP 110: 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

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Welcome back friends today. I'm popping in for a solo show because it's time for the 2021 holiday gift guide. I am here to remind everyone to shop small shop local and to put your dollar. Where you want to create wealth for other women. So, some places and things that I want to point out that may or may not be on my gift list, but feel free to add them to yours too.

So I'm going to mention a bunch of books because, you know, #tammyreadsalot. So all of my books, I'm going to be purchasing at indie bookshop. You can shop all of these places. Online. Three of my favorites are Powells because you know, Powells is amazing. It's in Portland, a family owned shop. You can find anything that you want at Powells, and they do great work up there with their independent bookstore.

I also love Main Street Books in Davidson North Carolina. I know the owner. She is amazing. She does great author events. So check them out over on Instagram to get to know what they have going on in there. I've been, I ordered all of my Christmas books last year from main street books. And my other favorite bookshop here in Sacramento is Capitol Books on.

Again, all of these shops have they're family owned, they're family run and they have an online presence. So one of the things that I keep hearing is like, let's shop now so that we can get our stuff on time, because there might be some slowdowns, including with books. So I'm going to start with some books that I think could go on anyone and everyone shelves this year.

And I'm going to start with Set Boundaries, Find Peace by Nedra Tawwab. Oh my goodness. You guys, this book, I cannot highly, I cannot highly recommend it enough. I cannot recommend it enough. It is a life-changer and I was just over on. Nedra's Instagram. And it turns out there is coming mid December a workbook that goes with set boundaries, find peace.

So I'll be putting the workbook and the book on my wishlist because I read it from the library the first time. And I think I need my own copy of both of those.

The next thing I want to share with you is The Lightmaker's Manifesto by Karen Wall. And here's why Karen writes about being a person who is changing the world and still finding joy in their life.

I cannot wait to get my hands on this book. Karen, if you hear me, I would love to have you on the show. So I, and by the way, I think I'm going to ask Karen to be on the show, but I can't wait. That's just came out this week and I am ready to add it to my wishlist.

Another book that I super love that was written by a former guest Dr. Gina Senarighi,  And it's Love More, Fight Less. It's a relationship book for couples. I don't know about you, but I totally want to love more and fight less. Dr. Gina puts tons of exercises in there. So you and your partner can get on the same page.

Speaking of which we spent this fall working through Eve Rodsky's Book, Fair Play, which is available as a free download, not the book, but the discussion over on my website, go check it out because in the book, Eve Rodsky talks about this mythical thing called unicorn space. And it's all about doing the things that create joy and happiness in you as a human and that we all deserve it.

Everyone in the family. So unicorn space comes out the end of December. You can pre-order it now very much looking forward to it. Make some noise by Andrea on when. I had the good fortune of interviewing Andrea, which you will hear next week about her book, make some noise. And I have to admit, I laughed so hard that I cried when I was in an interview with Andrea and her book is amazing.

I've read all three of her books. This one is I'm like, how do they just keep getting better? But they do so add, make some noise to your wishlist. A book that I've given out many times as gifts to friends and family and have received as a gift for myself was a year of positive thinking by Cindy Spiegel.

Oh, such a good, such a good book. It is one of those books that is a 365 pages. So there's a little passage for each day of the year. And I always find that I'm like, oh wow. I needed to hear exactly that same thing. And if you are looking for a book that will probably blow your mind, I always recommend self-compassion by Dr.
Kristin Neff. So. Shop small shop Indi, do your thing internet.

The other thing I wanted to share with you is you could right now make somebody's day by. Shopping for services that your people want you already heard in the little ad break? I did that. I just opened a shop over at Tamihackbarth.com/shop, where you can find my self-paced class called self care Quickstart, but I'm also for the very first time testing it out to see what would it be like if people who wanted to join me for the year-long deferred maintenance immersion, starting in January.

If people could get gift cards towards their coaching and their courses. So head on over to my website and check out the shop and then be sure to add it to your wishlist and then hell maybe do a little shopping for your friends and family while you're there.

Other folks that I know and love who have services available for purchase are my friend Carly from Tidy Revival. She's got our tidy workshop series. My friend, Rebecca at studio Plumb has interior design consultations on our website. Oh my God. Rebecca can help you fix the thing in your space to make your place feel like you.

And it's totally affordable. Check it out [email protected]. My friend, Michelle Marlahan has a monthly midlife movement. Course membership that is super fun and makes you feel like, you know what I can in fact, add this mythical thing called movement into my life. If you're a business owner, I have two recommendations.

Check out Katietruman.com. If you are in need of Kind of the nuts and bolts of the back end of your business. Katie can be your right-hand person. Like she has mine. And then my friend cache from the cachet life has her workshop series called brand camp going on again, if you're a business owner, this is the way to go.

You could always think about like, could I do a gift card for somebody hair salon, their nail salon, house, cleaning, massage other like stocking stuff or ideas? My friend Tara from the self care suite has two a morning mantra cards. And I have a set of the regular morning mantra cards and they are amazing.

She also just came out with an entrepreneur set. So if you've got business frenzy, You know, give them a little stocking stuffer, or maybe your spouse, your best friend, these cards are made for gifting. Last thing I want to mention before I go is if you want to go old-school and make a curated mixed.

Of podcast or friends and family, it costs you nothing, but I mean, let's be real. When was the last time you got it mixed tape that you were like, oh my God, this person knows me so well, this is exactly what I needed to listen to you. You can give people the gift of podcasting. A couple of shows that I highly recommend are my yoga audio with Megan Morgan pop culture makes me jealous with Julia Washington and edit your life with Christine COE and Asha and vest.

And that's what I've got for the holiday gift guide for 2021. I look forward to seeing you and hearing you next week. And until then, here's your reminder that you matter to.

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