Episode 10: BOOK REPORT #tamireadsalot

Book Report - Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance by Rosie Molinary. Why am I interested in the topic of this book? Self-acceptance is one of my core values. The more I know, love, and accept who I am at my core, the easier and more peaceful my life becomes. Knowing this about myself and knowing and looking up to the author made this a must read for me. How much did I already know about the book before I started it? Interesting story. I met Rosie online almost a decade ago - we were both part of groups of women talking about body acceptance and yoga, and we are both adoptive moms. Rosie weaves in her life philosophy and story in tiny snapshots throughout the 365 daily prompts. She offers information, inspiration, and specific tools to learn more about yourself and find ways to live the best version of you based on love and acceptance. What would I tell a friend about this book? I love this book and pretty much tell anyone who will listen to get a copy and start their Beautiful You journal today. Did the author set it up so it is easy to understand? The daily prompts are meant to be done in a few minutes and create a whole picture for self-acceptance over time. Specifically, what did you love about the book? I love how easy it is to incorporate these daily prompts into your routine. Read it in the morning, think about it during the day and jot your thoughts in a journal before bed. But honestly, my favorite thing about this book (and Rosie) is the unwavering positive regard. It is simply understood that you are good enough as you are and loved just the way you are right now. Who will enjoy reading this book and why? 

  • Women who love to journal will love this book - so many thoughtful prompts.
  • Mothers of daughters will love this book as a guide to help their daughters struggle less than we did.
  • Women who love deep conversations and looking into life’s bigger questions will love this book.
  • Women who want to get off the rollercoaster of looking for acceptance outside themselves will love this book.
  • Book clubs with a personal development slant will love this book. I hope YOU love this book.


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