EP 122: 7 Tips for Crushing Your 2022 Goals


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Well, if you're new around here it actually has two meanings, deferred maintenance, and the traditional sense is putting off things that need to be done because you don't have time now, but then you kick the can down the road. And eventually, the thing that you have deferred maintenance on your car, your house.

Whatever, perhaps yourself you end up with a bigger, more expensive, more intensive problem that then has to be fixed in an urgent way. I also. Called my group coaching program, deferred maintenance because here's the deal friends. So many of us put off doing what needs to be done now so that we can avoid those future expensive, inconvenient or emergencies.

Okay. I know it's January. And so many people are in the midst right now of quitting. On their new year's resolutions. So many people have already given up because they didn't lay the groundwork for the thing. That's going to take them through. That's where deferred maintenance immersion comes through.

Deferred maintenance. Immersion is a reimagination of what was previously my six week course deferred maintenance. And now we are taking the entire year. Of 2022 learning about what needs to be done as well as taking the steps to actually do it. There are a few spots left in this year-long program. You are totally invited to join us.

You have until January 31st to join. You have until January 31st to get access to the new year's bonus workshops and coaching calls start the first week of February. If you are interested in getting back on track with your 2022, come on over to the website, www.tamihackbarth.com/deferred-maintenance for all the information that you need.

And now onto today's, seven tips for crushing your 2022 goals. I had to use my crushing voice because I think that is such a funny way to put it. I don't need to crush them. I need to meet them, whatever. But before we get started on goals, can we talk about new year's resolutions and how much. They hurt people's feelings.

So check this out. Did you know that setting new year's resolutions has been around for thousands of years and has religious roots? I did not. But I do now what started as making promises to the gods has evolved into most people making promises to themselves and we all know how this story goes, right.

45% of Americans make resolutions and they're mostly focused on self-improvement, you know, the flossing, the working out every day, the only eating vegetables, you know, the whole thing, but here's the crazy thing. So 45% of Americans make resolutions and only eight single digit, 8% are successful in achieving their resolutions.

I read this little statistic over on history.com because I was like, what's the deal with new year's resolutions? I stopped making them years ago because all they did was hurt my feelings and make me feel like a giant loser because I wasn't, I was like writing things down I wanted to do, but here's the thing you guys, I didn't know then what I know now, and that is now I know how to.

I'm about to give you seven tips for crushing your goals. I know how to actually reach them. Now, I guess you could say I'm an 8% and you can too check it out. Here we go. Tip number one. When you're thinking about your goals or your resolutions, whatever you want to call them, we call them goals every other month, but damn in January, people love them a resolution.

So you go ahead and call it. Whatever it is. It is January. Okay. Tip number one. Think big. What am I talking about? Well, I want you to ask yourself this question. What do you want your life personal and professional to look and feel like, what do you want? Your work life and your home life, your romantic life, your relationship, life, the relationship you have with yourself.

How do you want those to look and feel? That's step number one, tip number two. And this is a big one. I love this one. Write it down. So entrepreneur magazine, again, I'm going in, I'm doing the research for us entrepreneur magazine reports that one study found that people are 42% more likely to reach their goals by writing them down.

I know crazy town. And you're like, what does that mean? It means that you've taken this idea from the ether it's in your head. Then it comes out your hand. Every once in a while, you're going to run across that promise you made to yourself and you'd be like, oh my God, I'm doing that thing. Cause I got to cross it off the list.

So just by writing down your goals, 42% more likely to reach them. Now, this is where shit gets to real tip number three, you're going to take the thing that you want and you are going to task it out. And you're going to break that sucker down until. You have a check-off of a list. What I know this is the secret we don't say to ourselves, I am going to be, this is a good goal because it's one of mine.

I'm going to be the fittest I've ever been asterix. Since my thirties, I'm going to be as fit as I was in my thirties, because let's be real as. I'm not going back to my twenties and neither are you. I'm going to be the fittest I've been since my thirties is not a goal. And you're like, yeah, it is no friends.

It's not, we need to focus on process, which means. If I have in my head, I want to be the fittest. I'm going to be since my thirties. What the hell am I going to do to get there? Probably a lot more goals, right? If I'm going to be checking off stuff. So here's one for you. One of my checkoff bubbles for 2022 is I am going to strength, train.

Damn. It always come back to strength training. But if you know, you know, that shit is real. The struggle is real 156 times. That's how many times I'm going to lift weights in 2022. And you're like, wow, 156. I did the math. It's three times a week for 52 weeks, 156 times. You're like, dude, is this not always your goal?

Yes. About six years ago, five years ago. I don't know. Cause time is. I decided I was going to do a hundred workouts. You know what, not one time have I ever made it to a hundred and you're like, why are you increasing it to 156 then? Well, I'm just letting you know, I am the kind of person that I need to do stuff more often, rather than less often.

I know it's weird. Maybe you're different. But anyway I got, I think either 60 or 70 this year, I cannot remember. You know, cause again, time is funky. However, I feel like it's easier for me to do something three times a week than it is two times a week. So there we have it, I'm going with three times a week and you know what that means.

That means I have 156 checkoff, a bowl thing. 156 checkboxes. That means when I glance at my checkbox, I'm like, oh shit, I'm behind. Or I can grind, graduate myself that I'm killing it. I also just have straight up data that I'm like, oh yeah, I'm either on track or I'm not, or I can catch up or I'm where to head, whatever.

Tip three, task it out. Tip number four. This is the other thing that I love is when people are like, you know, I'm going to do, I'm going to do X, Y, Z, and then nothing in their life changes. So tip number four is make a plan, a plan to make it happen. So that means you have to create time in your schedule to do the actions that you just tasked out that lead you to the results that you want.

So if I'm going to work out. Excuse me. If I'm going to strength train 156 times and 2022, I have to put that on my schedule and then I actually have to do it. And let me be real. I'm probably going to have to post about it on Instagram. Definitely, in my deferred maintenance accountability group, the whole shebang take pictures, all of it.

Right? You gotta hold yourself accountable. Or you got to get, you got to create that accountability and you have to create space in your calendar. All right. Tip number five, to help you crush your goals is get the help you need. I just alluded to the fact that. I have accountability groups. I just want to tell you, I have accountability groups for so many things because that's just who I am.

I like to spread it out. I use my deferred maintenance immersion group. I use friends. I use. Instagram stories. Like I'm telling people about my goals all the time and you will too. If you are somebody that falls into the obliger category, I know there's a lot of you out there. That just means you're, there's never going to come a time where you're like, you know what?

I finally figured this out. Just get the outer accountability that you need. PS. This is an asterix. Spouses make terrible accountability partners because there's like power struggles and power dynamics law. Talk to literally anyone then. Or spouse, if you are somebody that wants to walk more in the new year, get yourself a dog and you will be like, oh my God, I've never walked four in my life because dogs are like, hi, I love you.

And you have the keys to the car and the leash. So can you take me to the dog park or outside? Otherwise I'm going to eat your couch. So the point is get the. Help that you need. So think to yourself who in my life can help me reach the goal I want to reach and how can I enlist their help. We're not meant to do things on our own.

There's this strange myth that everybody, but you, everybody with me has their shit together and they're doing it on their own. And it's all great. And you suck because you can't do it on your own. No, that's bullshit.

We all need help except upholders. I don't know a lot of. Go with yourself. Good job. But everybody else find yourself some accountability that will love you through the hard days and cheer you on, on the hard days.

And on the great days, surround yourself with people who are happy. When you meet your goals. Tip number six, it seems obvious. But here's the thing, lots of people forget about their goals because why they have given up in January. So tip number six for crushing your goals this year is make time in your calendar to check in on your goals, high goals.

How are you doing? Maybe it's monthly, maybe it's the first day of the month high goals. How did I do last month? Maybe it's the last day of the month. Hey goals. How did it do last month? Maybe it's quarterly and you're like, I don't need to check on you, but four times a year, because I'm so fancy. I have to check on mine monthly, otherwise they get a little lonely and then they're like, we're not working for you unless you pay attention.

So get it on your calendar to check on your goals. If you want, they're like plants, you have to tend to them. If you want them to keep going. Tip number seven. Celebrate your progress. Yeah, but Tammy, I didn't meet my goals. Who cares? Friends? I'm pretty sure. Just by writing it down, you did more on your goals than all the other years where you didn't, how will you celebrate?

I don't know. You could find me over on Instagram at Tami Hackbarth and say, oh my God, I did 3% of my goal and you know what I'm going to do. Send you gold stars and say, I am cheering you on. Why, why the hell not. I'm proud of people who decide they want to make their life better. And then they take steps to do that.

And you should too. Let's cheer each other on. Okay. So remember, you can think bag, write it down, task it out. Create time in your schedule. Enlist help. Tend to your goals by checking in and celebrate your progress. If you want help crushing your personal and professional goals, they're still time to join us in deferred maintenance immersion.
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