EP 138: 2022 Summer Quickie Series - Burnout Tip #2


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Welcome back, friends. We are here for the summer quickie series, where I'm sharing with you all my best tips and tricks for reducing burnout, stress reduction, and all things for the summer of burnout.

Babes my goodness. All of these talks of hot girl, summer, blah, blah, blah. I don't know who that is, but I do know that golden girls summer is looking good laying around where caftans trading, Woody quips with our friends, all that, and more because we are multi-faceted people. But one thing I can tell you in this junior year of COVID is that so many people are feeling the edge of everything.

So with that in mind, This is the second tip in our summer quickie series. Remember, these are going to be short, actionable things that you can do daily so that you can change how you feel in your life this summer and beyond. Okay.

So last week I shared the most efficient and effective way of completing the stress cycle.
Brought to you by Burnout. The secret to unlocking the stress cycle by Emily Nagoski PhD.

Love that book, but let me save you some time and reading. If you feel like having a book read to you, you should totally listen to the audio.

You can search interviews with them. They're amazing. But if you just want me to tell you the quick and dirty about what to do, you're in the right place. Okay. So tip number two for completing the stress side.

A reminder, if you're new here, there's two parts of the stress cycle. Most of us know the first part, and that is the part that stresses us out.

It could be a saber tooth tiger trying to bite your face off. It could be your boss demanding you come back to work in person during a global pandemic. It could be almost getting hit in the crosswalk by a bus. It could be. A toddler, tantrum and target.

It doesn't matter what it is because whatever stresses is out stresses. The calendar to full stresses is out. Are any of those things too much to do? Not in a time. Yes, yes. Yes. Not actually taking care of yourself. Yes. Okay.

So now we know what the stressors are. You're like you had Tammy totally aware of those. Exactly. And we know how that feels. We might feel irritable. We might feel, quick-tempered.
We might feel overwhelmed.

We might have brain fog. We might have this feeling of hopelessness and helplessness and despair. What do we do? We have to complete the stress. So last week again, summer quickie, number one, move your body everybody's least favorite thing, however reminder, the most effective.

So for the rest of the summer quickie series, I'm going to be sharing more tips.

Today's tip number two. And that is, um, that was a big, um, drum roll, please. You're going to be like, wow, this is really worth the weight.

And it is because it is slow. Exhale. Slow exhales friends, the things that we do when we are relaxed, when we meditate, when we take a moment to tell our nervous system in this particular moment nervous system, there's no tiger.

There's no toddler. There's no emergency. You're safe right here. So how it's actually practiced is not taking a deep breath on the. I know it's weird, but because whenever we say, uh, deep breathing, everyone like really fills up on the inhale and that's this really long thing. And that just gives your body like, oh my God, are we about to be attacked?

Right? Because when we're nervous, when we're under attack, when we're fight or flight eating, we, kind of gulp in the inhales, but we don't need to do that because we're already inhaling. You're already really good at inhaling. If you are still breathing, if you are still alive, so what's keeps it going.

Right. So what I want you to do for this, tip number two for completing the stress cycle is rather than focus on breathing in lots of, air oxygen on the inhale, just. Proceed as usual.

But what you want to do is pay attention to the exhale because the exhale, especially one through a closed mouth. So just through your nose, not forcibly, but just elongated just a little bit more, putting your attention on that exhale.
So just inhale with me now and then exhale, gently.

And pause and notice. Do you feel any different and then try this for say, I don't know, 5, 10, 25, a hundred, a breath cycles. Just take a moment to pause. Inhale as you normally do.

And exhale. And again, take that moment after the exhale. Just a brief beat to go. Ooh, my feeling a little bit less irritable. Can I feel 1% less? Like I'm gonna explode. Can I feel one degree less stressed out when I take this pause? Hm. I wonder so if you are. Keeping track.

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