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Happy New Year's ish. Friends, you might be thinking, ah, that's so two weeks ago. Guess what? It is, in fact, the second week of January, but I hate January, New Year's. So I'm gonna go ahead and offer you this invitation that I offered you last year and the year before and the year before and the year before.

And that is to start your new year whenever the hell you want. And or on lunar New Year. January's the transition month, friend. So if you did not practice gentle December as I did, and you're like, oh my God, Tammy, what is gentle December? Gentle December is when you decide after Thanksgiving an unexpectedly stressful thanksgiving that.

Are done with everything, and you decide that you're going to make gentle movements into the end of the year. And that looks a lot like taking slow walks and making a lot of soup and canceling a lot of plans, and pushing off deadlines. It's the, let's circle around in the circle back in the new year thinking.

I did that at the end of November. So I am feeling much more rested than I did last time I was here on the podcast. And that is because I really did try to embody this slow, quiet, easy breezy. Time over the holidays during cold and flu season, and just rest and know that when the light starts to return and it warms up a little, and maybe it even stops raining, I will have more energy to start my year.

So if you are feeling behind because you didn't get started at the end of December or the first week of January, you're not; if you are feeling like the whole year has been wasted because you have not yet chosen your word of the year, or you have not picked your goals or met all your training goals for whatever, for work, for fitness, for whatever.

I'm just here to offer you a soft place to land, and that is with me over the year. Doesn't really start until I say it. So let's see how that feels. Okay. Also, if you are wondering like, why did this even come up? A bunch of years ago, I realized I spent all of December. Rather than enjoying the holidays and my family's birthdays cuz both my spouse and my child have birthdays in December, I spent all of December thinking I needed to hit the ground running and be like the most productive person on the planet come January 1st despite it being the dead of winter.

And a couple of years ago, I just decided that I was going to take myself off that hustle track and just let things be and let them unfold.  when my energy was higher like it is in the spring and the summer, and quite frankly, even into the fall, but it's resting hibernation season around these parts in North America.

Yeah, nothing's lost. Nothing at all. Anyway, I just would like you to know that you're not the only person that doesn't have everything all figured out because it's January. And I am actually going to do some workshops at the end of January and the beginning of February. So Saturdays starting January 21st, and then January 28th, and then February 4th and February 11th, I'm actually doing what I like to call New Year's workshops.

And they're the exact same practices that I do for myself where I review my year from the year before and go, what went well, what didn't, what I wanna bring with me. The previous year to bed, if you will. Then I like to choose a word of the year cuz it really helps guide me.

And what I wanna focus on for the year. Then I choose all of my yearly goals. And in that workshop, I like to break the goals down into bite-sized pieces and also get them scheduled on my calendar, figure out my accountability, and all that jazz. All those things that you need to actually get your goals met.

And then in the final category of a workshop, we get together and we do a vision board. And when I say get together, this is all online, and it's life and it's awesome. And my clients from last year who joined me when I said, Hey, at the end of this year, I said, what? What is the thing that was most impactful?

And they said, those. Damn workshop. Setting up your year with all four of those workshops really helped guide me to a productive, healthy, steady energy year, and it made them all feel so much better. So I just wanted to know that you are invited to come. To any of those workshops, you can join with a link in the show notes.

And if you want to get support to put all of those things into practice, you could also join Deferred Maintenance Immersion because we take all of the information we gather in those workshops, and we make sure that those goals are met by the end of the year. So anyway, I wanted to come on here and to make sure that you are not alone.

It's New Year's ish. You can have a slow roll into the new year. You can have all the support you want, and you need for this upcoming year by joining deferred maintenance immersion or hopping in for the New Year's bonus workshops. And I wanted to offer one more invitation and that. If you decide to join deferred maintenance immersion this weekend, Martin Luther King weekend, you will also, in addition to getting to these four New Year's workshops and a year of support, you will also get two one-on-one coaching sessions with me before we even get started.

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