EP 181: Taking a Pause with Lisa Li, Founder of The Qi


This week on the podcast I am talking to Lisa Li, founder of The Qi - a botanical tea company dedicated to holistic wellness. In our chat Lisa and I talked about how she went from the fast paced fashion world to running an international tea company.

She experienced job burnout to founder burnout and how she is changing her self-care in order to thrive in her life and business. We talk a lot about how tiny pauses in your day - like with a cup of perfectly steeped tea - can help create a deeper sense of calm.

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Lisa Li started The Qi on a mission to help people feel more joy, nourishment and inner calm on a daily basis through the power of sensory whole flower tea rituals. Prior to launching The Qi Lisa worked in fashion for 10+ years and was really burnt out and not well.

Inspired by her childhood’s simple, beautiful, and nourishing tea time with her grandma in Asia, The Qi was born to to create a whole new blooming universe for all.

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