EP 190: Make That Appointment. Your Future Self Will Thank You.


Hello from Humboldt County, California! I am at the beach this week enjoying some cool coastal fresh air, reading under an umbrella, and walking in the redwoods. Our annual summer vacation is so relaxing and restorative.

We stay at the same place so we know what to expect, and it makes packing and unpacking so easy. We follow the same daily rhythm of breakfast at home, adventure in the morning, lunch out, quiet time in the afternoon, dinner at home. We mix in old favorites for adventures and sprinkle in new locations for some excitement.

Childhood friends have moved up here and other friends have college students here so we are also spending time with friends while we are here. This is my favorite week of the year! Tell me about your vacations. Do you go to the same destination, stay home or try new places?

Instead of recording a show while on vacation, I am sharing my latest episode with the Okayest Moms podcast all about the importance of moms getting their vital health screening appointments done on time. I hope you’ll give it a listen. You can find the episode and show notes at https://www.okayestmoms.com/episode-164/

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