EP 193: Data, Definitions and a Big Call In


How are you doing this week?

My brain is firing on all cylinders because post Labor Day is the kick off to the political campaign season and that fills me with optimism. It is also the official back to school creativity kicking in for me. The heat and togetherness of summer turns me into a creature of hibernation. The energy of the new school year excites me to no end!

You may be wondering why campaigns and creativity go together in my brain. Who we elect matters. If we want progressive policies that are good for women, kids, LGBTQ+ folks, and families we have to elect people who want to make life better for the people. Creative thinking about of better collective future and strategies for getting there get my brain popping.

If you want to see how I am focusing less on politics and still changing the world check out my piece in Jennifer Magazine - Who Is Writing Your Self-Care Policy?

In this week’s podcast, the Fair Play Fall Series continues. I am diving into the data around unpaid labor and the beliefs we need to unlearn in order to create more equity in our homes. It isn’t a fight between genders because we all suffer under the current system.

I hope you’ll give it a listen. 

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