EP 198: Get This Off My Plate


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How are you? What’s on your mind these days?

I am not going to lie. There is so much tragedy in the world that it feels pretty bleak. The news in Gaza and Israel breaks my heart. The attacks have been liken to the attacks on the US on 9/11.

So much life lost and knowing there is no simple end to conflict further breaks my heart. I am worried about my Jewish friends and the dramatic rise in antisemitism. I am also worried about the Palestinian people. There are no easy answers or hot takes.

Not saying anything weighs heavily and yet I feel so out of my depth because of the nuisance needed to address the history of the region.

It all seems unfair.

While I can’t speak with any authority on that, I do have a lot of things to say about the concept of “help” at home.

In this week’s podcast, we are returning to the Fair Play Fall Series and diving into the concept surrounding “help” at home and the notion of fairness.

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