EP 199: What If Superwoman Married a Giant Kid


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Last weekend I spoke to parents about carving out time for themselves so they could feel like themselves again. Falling deeply into our roles as parents, partners and professionals doesn’t leave a lot of room for life outside of those roles… unless we claim it.

We spent the evening telling stories about our first concerts and jobs and laughing so hard we had to wipe the tears away. It felt good to get out of those roles even for a little while. This is space for ourselves is what Fair Play is all about.

In this week’s podcast, we are back to the Fair Play Fall Series and diving into the roles we play in our partnerships. Knowing what role each person is bringing to the Fair Play game can help us see how we can invite our partner into the conversation. Ultimately that can help us navigate taking care of our families in a more equitable way.

No matter if you find yourself married to a Giant Kid, a Traditionalist, a Where’s the Butter,  a One Step Forward/Two Steps Back or a More Than Most there is something there for all of us.

It’s never too late to start your year. This is how we plan ours...

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