EP 205: How Fair Play Helped Me Not Hate My Husband at the Holidays

How are you? How has your fall been going?

The rainy and foggy days followed by bright chilly clear days have me feeling so content. It makes me want to get outside for early morning walks and to spend time in my reading chair soaking in the last rays of the day. This year the leaves are still hanging onto their branches in December and it feels like we are having an extended fall show and I couldn’t be happier. This time of year is my favorite!

Part of the reason I love this time of year is we’ve used the Fair Play Method to a create restful, connected, fun holiday season. We’ve got the right amount of time with friends and family, the right amount of gifts, the right amount of commitments. The right amount of everything for us. We are living our values and sharing the workload.

Having the perfect-for-us holiday season didn't happen overnight or by accident. We used the Conception/C, Planning/P and Execution/E in Fair Play to get us there.

In this week’s podcast, I how CPE helped me not hate my husband at the holidays.

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