EP 209: Goals You’ll Crush in 2024


I am loving every minute of our new year workshops . Someone recently said, “Oh, now I get how you get so much done, you really focus on the stuff you actually want to do.”

100% yes. My personal goals are things I want. Life is too short for goals that feel terrible.

Does life still require me to do stuff I don’t want to do? Of course! But even those are made a lot easier because I spend a majority of my time working on my stuff.

My taxes get done because I read a lot of fiction. My laundry gets done because I want to wear cute outfits when I see friends. My house gets decluttered and tidied because it makes me want to invite people over. I lift weights because I want to be strong, mobile and flexible as I get into my senior years.

Life doesn’t have to be full of shoulds.

How do you want your life to feel?

Set your goals accordingly.

This is the concept I first heard about from Danielle LaPorte in her book The Desire Map. She calls them goals with soul.

This concept completely changed how I view goals setting and that changed my life.

In this week’s podcast, I am sharing my thoughts on goal setting.

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