Episode 21: Book Report! The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin

Why am I interested in the topic of this book? Knowing myself and how I react to outer accountability has helped me build habits that work with my natural tendency rather than against it.. This has also helped me help my clients build the habits they seek. How much did I already know about the book before I started it? I first read The Happiness Project back in 2009 - the same year I did my yoga teacher training. This was when I had a lightbulb moment that I could change my life and I didn’t have to live the cards I’d been dealt and I could set goals and reach them and I could change habits if I wanted to. The Happiness Project set me down a path of personal development in a way I hadn’t yet experienced. What would I tell a friend about this book? I love this framework and supporting book so much I made the four tendencies one of my quick fire questions in my interviews and I have every single client take the quiz.  It is such helpful information to have - what kind of accountability do you need? You have to approach Rebels way differently that you approach obligers. Did the author set it up so it is easy to understand? Once you take the quiz, you can read all about your tendency in the book and that will help you figure out what kind of support you need in order to reach your goals. You can also listen to Gretchen explain the tendencies on her podcast called Happier. Specifically what did you love about the book?  I love how easy it is to for me to apply what I’ve learned about my tendency in order to reach my own goals. I also use this book to help me figure out how to work with clients and have them use this self-knowledge to reach their goals.. Who will enjoy reading this book and why? 

  • People who love personality frameworks will love this book because it is another small yet significant piece of self-knowledge.
  • People who haven’t yet figured out how to reach their goals will love this book because it gives ideas on how to work with not against your natural instincts.
  • Parents will love this book because they can help see what motivates their kids into action.
  • People who are frustrated with other people in their lives for not getting shit done can learn how to help and motivate the people in their lives and learn that not everyone easily gets shit done.

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