EP 210: You Are Never Too Late


How are you this lovely end of January day? Are you freaking out and feeling behind because you are a resolutions person? Or are you seeping in the winter hygge vibe?

If you are picturing the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland shouting about being late, you aren’t alone! This is the time of year when a vast majority of resolution setters give up on their quest to change their lives.

And the people who haven’t yet set goals feel like their year is wasted because they haven’t accomplished their goals by the end of January. As I was lovingly reminded this time last year, it’s not too late. It is still the first quarter of the year. It is winter aka the fallow resting period.

Nothing is wasted. In this week’s podcast, I am sharing my thoughts on being behind and not feeling like you have enough time.

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It’s never too late to start your year. This is how we plan ours...

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