EP 217: My Birthday Wish for Us


How are you?

It’s my birthday week, and I am feeling a lot of emotions. Spring feels like another new year; election season is upon us, and I am now entering my mid-50s. Now seems like a good time to share my birthday wishes with you. You can find them in this week’s podcast episode. Some may surprise you, and others may not.

If you haven’t joined my Facebook group yet, this is your invitation. This week, I left the questions up to you. Feel free to ask here or in the group.

On Instagram, I asked people their wishes for the world. Not surprisingly, the answers warmed my heart. I know the best people!

A couple of people would like a cure for cancer. Someone else wants monthly board games/bbqs with family and friends. Still, others want the end to all wars. Many want kindness and love to be the norm in the world.

What is your biggest wish for the world?

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