EP 218: More Equity for Everyone with Fair Play author Eve Rodsky


For more than a decade, I have been talking to people about self-care. Some would say I am a self-care evangelist because it saved my life. It is the only thing that keeps us from being burnt out. It is the fuel for feeling good enough in your life to keep going in your desire to make the world a better place.

“I don’t have enough time” is one of the most often expressed reasons why women aren’t doing the self-care that they need. They are too busy because of work, child raising, keeping up with the housework, and doing all the things for all the people in their lives.

What in your life would change if all time was created equal? What would change if you had enough time for your self-care and a more balanced distribution of housework and childcare in your home?

In this week’s podcast, I got to talk with Eve Rodsky, author of Fair Play, about creating equitable households, reducing the mental load, decreasing emotional labor, and making invisible work visible.

Eve Rodsky is working to change society one partnership at a time by coming up with a new 21st-century solution to an age-old problem: women shouldering 2/3 or more of the unpaid domestic work and childcare for their homes and families.

Eve Rodsky transformed a “blueberries breakdown” into a catalyst for social change when she applied her Harvard-trained background in organizational management to ask the simple yet profound question:

What would happen if we treated our homes as our most important organizations?

Her New York Times bestselling book and Reese’s Book Club Pick, Fair Play, a gamified life-management system that helps partners rebalance their domestic workload and reimagine their relationship, has elevated the cultural conversation about the value of unpaid labor and care.

In her highly anticipated follow-up, Find Your Unicorn Space: Reclaim Your Creative Life in a Too-Busy World, Rodsky explores the cross-section between the science of creativity, productivity, and resilience. Described as the ‘antidote to physical, mental and emotional burnout,’ Rodsky aims to inspire a new narrative around the equality of time and the individual right to personal time choice that influences sustainable and lasting change on a policy level.

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