EP 219: Sharing Our Stuff and Adult Friendships with author Laura Tremaine


I am in Nashville this week at Mom 2 Summit. As someone who works at home alone, I love going to conferences because I get to meet and learn from other business owners, authors, speakers, coaches, and pals from all over the country.

It is the perfect combination of learning and fun. Plus, staying in nice hotels is a treat.

After I attended an author's panel last year, I introduced myself to Laura Tremaine. It was a super nerdy moment for me because I love her books and podcasts. I love her storytelling.

I am super intrigued by her. Our backgrounds are very different—she grew up in very conservative Oklahoma, and I grew up in the liberal San Francisco Bay Area. But she moved to Los Angeles in her 20s and has talked about how that has impacted her.

Because I wanted to learn more about her, I asked her to be a guest on my podcast; she said yes!

Then I made it weird. I didn’t reach out to schedule for almost a year. 🫣

Let this be a lesson to us all: people are lovely even when you leave them hanging for months.

Laura Tremaine is an author and podcaster based in Los Angeles. She hosts a weekly podcast called 10 Things To Tell You and regular social media challenges designed to foster connection and conversation. She is the author of Share Your Stuff. I'll Go First. (2021) and The Life Council: 10 Friends Every Woman Needs (2023).


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