EP 220: Organizing The ADHD Home with Kat Green of Badass Homelife

I don’t know about you, but this spring has filled me with so much energy. Nashville was an absolute blast. The decision to not have a roommate was genius - built-in alone time.

Flying in the day before meant I didn’t have to hurry. I met so many new east coast people because it was on that side of the country. I learned so much from the speakers. Mom 2 Summit is like a mom-work-vacation. Can’t wait until next year!

When I got home I went to see my favorite band - the Old97s - 20 minutes from home with Carly from Tidy Revival. 

Speaking of Carly, she introduced me to this week’s guest Kat Green from Badass Homelife.

Kat is a perpetually curious and laid-back individual, a minimalist, and the proud owner of Badass Homelife.

She is an ADHD Organizing Specialist and absolutely loves helping neurospicy folks find systems that work for them.

I hope you’ll give my interview with Kat a listen.
You can find all the episodes and show notes at www.tamihackbarth.com/podcast.

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