EP 226: Everyone Has Stories to Tell with April Pertuis


Dear first name,

If you were told you talked too much as a child - what do you do for work? - a question posed frequently on social media.

I laugh every time I see that question because it turns out a lot of us are podcast hosts and event speakers. 😂🎙️🗣️

Do you hire speakers? Does someone you know hire speakers? I would love to talk to you! - Please hit reply and set up a chat.

I am experienced as a keynote, workshop and breakout session speaker. I speak about wellness, self-care, burnout, happiness and habits. I travel as well as do speaking events on Zoom.

I am currently booking events for fall 2024 and all of 2025.

In this week’s podcast I am talking all things storytelling and speaking with someone who has decades of experience.

Meet April.

If you are interested in getting seen as a speaker, April has a free 5 day challenge for you.


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