EP 228: Is It Me or ADHD with Patricia Sung of Motherhood in ADHD


How are you?

(We had some technical difficulties last week, so here’s what would have happened if we didn’t.)

We are counting down the days until school's out for the summer break and also until the first day of school. Eight and 75, respectively.

Last week, I shared the Summer of Intentionality with you, and we have been implementing those plans to squeeze the most out of the season. If you’d like to create a memorable summer for your family, check out that episode.

I am so excited to introduce you to my guest this week! I met Patricia at Mom2 Summit last year in Scottsdale. We bonded quickly over having both been classroom teachers and now coaches. I was in the midst of my ADHD evaluation so I had so many questions for her.

Patricia Sung helps moms with adult ADHD work with their unique brains and get their ish together one step at a time and feel confident running their family life.

She hosts Motherhood in ADHD, a Top 5 Parenting podcast, encouraging mamas with practical strategies and relatable missteps. She’s a hobby-hopping, anxious adventurer willing to try almost anything once. A Midwesterner at heart, she reluctantly adopted the word "y'all" and lives in Houston with her husband and two young sons.

You can grab free resources and get your crap together with other ADHD moms in Successful Mama Meetups at www.motherhoodinadhd.com.

If you’d like to hear about my diagnosis and how Fair Play is helpful for families you can listen here.

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