EP 229: The One To Call When You Need An Assistant with Ashley Chang CEO of Sundays


Yesterday was the last day of school and I was vacillating between jumping for joy and dragging myself across the finish line. I imagine this is what marathon runners feel. We did it! Can I take a nap for a week?

How are you?

Remember that time in the 90s when Hilary Clinton said it takes a village to raise a child? It turns out she had visited Africa and that it is a very common African proverb attributed to her, but I digress... I could sorta see it then, but the notion that we are all interconnected and rely on one another in small and big ways has been made clear especially during the pandemic.

Family Success Team is a term I came up with when we became parents. I define members of our FST as anyone who helps us be successful in any way. People who are on my FST include: school/teachers who work well with our neurodiverse kid, her OT, our therapists, our babysitters who played endless games of Thomas the Train and Duplo, all the neighbors/friends who pick up or drop off my kid when I am not able, all the housecleaners we’ve hired over the years, Carly - our professional organizer who helped me learn how to use our house spaces better, my hairstylist because she saves me time, money and product, my chief of staff Katie who does all the behind the scenes work in my business, the grandparents for taking care of themselves and having a good relationship with our kid, my walking buddies, my yoga teacher, my strength training coach, my parenting coach, my health coach, my business coaches, my physician, my friends who show up day after day, my biz besties, the public library, my Fair Play colleagues, all the authors who have helped me be a better version of myself. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

We really aren’t made to do life alone. There is simply too much to be done and we can’t be experts at everything. There is a beautiful surrender to that if you ask me.

Imagine having so much to do it is keeping you awake at night, wishing you had a personal/executive assistant, but not having the time or the energy to find someone to add to your Family Success Team. I found the person to talk to at Mom 2 in Nashville.

Meet Ashley Chang.

Ashley is the co-founder and CEO of Sundays, an executive assistant service for working parents. Their goal is to accelerate parents in their careers while creating more time for family.

Sundays can help with family, with your home stuff and with your work stuff. Examples include: scheduling medical appointments, helping your kids get a passport, making your vacation itinerary and reservations, getting teacher appreciation gifts, canceling cable/subscriptions, finding and booking a swim teacher or math tutor or nanny. Sundays can also help you get quotes for movers, order photos, replace your house filters and replace appliance pieces.

In other words, Sundays help reduce mental load and get those nagging tasks out of your head and on to the DONE list.

Prior to Sundays, Ashley held product leadership roles at technology startups across stages and industries.

I would love for you to listen to my interview with Ashely.

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