EP 230: More Time Means More Joy with Christine Landis of Peacock Parenting


 How are you?

One of the exercises I do with clients is The Life Pie. Imagine you get a pie, and it has 24 hours/slices. Each day, you spend your hours/slices, and at the end of the day, you can see what proportion of pie went to work, what went to sleep, what went to family, what went to friends, what went to fun, and so on.

Over time you can see where you put your attention most likely grows and what doesn’t get attention withers. The mantra becomes: we only get ONE pie. Unless we buy slices of other people’s pies like Beyonce and Taylor Swift.

That’s the big secret to getting more pie.

Of course, we also can redistribute the pie with Fair Play, and that’s how I work with families.

Last week, I discussed building our Family Success Team and introduced you to Ashley from Sundays. She can help you find the assistance you need to take your Sundays back.

This week, I dove deep into running our homes through the lens of an executive. Our guest this week used to work in corporate America, and this is what she had to say about becoming a parent:

Most people want to leave work behind when they get home, but I found myself leaning into the leadership qualities from my past work life. I naturally turned to experts, built teams to support my partner and me, and recognized that I valued my time differently than every other parent I knew.

Interestingly, I also seemed to be genuinely happier than the parents around me, proudly parenting in a way that put my time at the forefront so that I could show up more joyful for my family.

Meet Christine Landis.

Hi, I'm Christine! Former CEO turned Peacock Parent.

I am passionate about empowering parents to delegate like a #boss at home, so they can take more control of their time.

By applying the skills I learned in growing and selling a multi-million dollar business to my personal household, I’ve been able to treat the home like a growing company.

Delegating low-joy tasks, outsourcing chores, and managing teams at home, ultimately buys my partner and I more quality time with our family. And time is the real luxury in life.

Christine’s 99 Tasks You Can Delegate Today is a gift to you.

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