EP 232: Why Fill Your Cup Before 💩 Hits the Fan


I have such a complicated relationship with the 4th of July. It is my mom’s birthday, and she’s been gone for 9 years. She would be so proud of the life and business I have built helping women with self-care and rebalancing domestic labor at home while also helping to create more equity in the US. I am so sorry she isn’t here to see it.

Independence Day hits differently for me now. Living through historical times is no joke. The veil over the story that America is the land of free and home of the brave is gone. Very few of us are free. We are in the biggest fight for democracy since before World War II. We are being called to create something better for everyone and change is exhausting.

What are your thoughts on this Independence Day?

In the first of our 2024 Summer Podcast Series we are headed way into the archives back to episode 4 of the 100% Guilt-Free Self-Care podcast: Why Fill Your Cup Before 💩 Hits the Fan.

There has never been a better time to fill your reserves than now.

I would love for you to listen to this short, but thought-provoking episode. You can find all the episodes and show notes at www.tamihackbarth.com/podcast.

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It has been a busy season for me being interviewed on various podcasts. I will share each week this summer in case you’d like to check out my episodes.

I was recently featured on the UNcomplicating Business for Teachers, Helpers and Givers podcast with Sara Torpey. She was on my podcast earlier this year talking about how she helps teachers take what they know and turn it into a business.

Here’s what Sara had to say:

A rare UNComplicating Business interview - and this one is SO GOOD. Come listen in on my conversation with the amazing Tami Hackbarth - we talk all things transitioning from teaching to business, including the struggle of balance, self-care, setting boundaries, visibility, AND flexibility. There are a MILLION bits of good in this episode, including resources you can grab from Tami to help you use self-care to help you GROW your business, right now.

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