Episode 28: Intentional Saving + Spending for Self-Care

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Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you doing your most important work/the work you were born to do?
  • Are you using your gifts and talents on projects and jobs that are best suited to you?
  • Are you using your time wisely?

Today, we are going to talk about how you invest your money and where that ties in with self-care. Here is my 5-part process for staying virtually debt-free. S = SET A GOAL: Pick ONE thing you really want. What is it? What does it cost? Most importantly WHY do you want it? M = MONITOR: How will you track your savings?  How will you keep your goal top of mind? A = ARRANGE YOUR WORLD: How will you save? How will you avoid spending on things that aren’t related to your goal? R = RECRUIT SUPPORT: Who will LOVINGLY hold you accountable to your goal? T = TREAT YO'SELF: How will you celebrate your success of reaching your savings goal? That’s it my friend, the SMART goal method for intentional saving and spending on self-care. I've made you a SMART goals worksheet, you download it right here.

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