Episode 37: Human First, Biz Second: the movement with Megan Dowd

Megan Dowd is a business coach and brand therapist. She launched Megan Has Good Words in 2017 to help purpose driven business owners rediscover their Core Values and reclaim their WHY. Prior to opening MHGW, Megan worked in theatre, even earning her PGDip from LAMDA in London. She believes in multi-sensory storytelling, trusting yourself, and being human first and always. When not helping you run your business seamlessly and coherently, you may find her hanging out with her mad-scientist husburrito, dismantling diet culture, or droppin’ it like it’s hot (living room dance party, anyone?).  

​​​​​In the episode we talk about:

On this week’s show Megan Dowd from Human First Biz Second talk about prioritizing ourselves and our care first in a world that simply put, doesn’t. When I met Megan this year at Alt Summit we hit it off immediately talking about mental health, self-care and making sure to prioritize ourselves so we can even be in business. I hope you’ll give a listen.


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