EP 64: An Interview with Gender Equity Specialist, Emily Morrow Howe

This week’s episode is all about becoming a thought leader in your field with Silicon Valley’s Gender Equity Specialist, Emily Morrow Howe aka Femily. In our talk Femily talks about how she helps womxn go from the “couch to 5k” in terms of being a thought leader and expert in their field. As someone who has struggled with public speaking and putting myself “out there” I am so glad Femily is here to help! One of her morning practices that really caught my attention is to write down signs that things are working. I am adding this tidbit to my morning routine right now. We talk about self-care being integrated into our daily lives by building our life from the ground up including how we create the holidays we actually want.

It’s never too late to start your year. This is how we plan ours...

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