EP 142: 2022 Summer Quickie Series - Burnout Tip #6


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It's summertime. I don't know about where you are, but we're finally out of school and that means we're working more self-care into our daily schedules now that the teacher's spouse and the student are home, we're all looking at each other going, okay, what do we do now?

Summer's a great time to incorporate some new stress reduction and burnout prevention exercises into your life. These are short bursts of self-care that can help you complete the stress cycle.

And why is that important?  You gotta complete the stress cycle in order not to feel like you're totally fucking burnt out. I so many people in spring of 2022 have been like, why is everything harder than it was two years ago? It's because it's junior year of COVID and we're tired and the supports are falling out.

And I don't know about you, but I feel like I'm more stressed than ever. So here in lies, my best tips for the summer in the summer quickie series, we are tackling, and completing the stress cycle. We all learned about reading burnout, unlocking the unlocking the secret to the stress cycle by the Nagosksi sisters.

We started with tip number one, move your body.

Tip two, meditate.

Tip three, progressive relaxation.

Tip four, positive social interaction.

Tip five, cry until you laugh today.

One of my favorites is laugh until you cry. So why is this? A way to complete this stress cycle. It, again, last week I talked about how crying feels like when you go through the entire ramp-up to the cry, and really dig into the cry.

And then when you finally come out of the cry, you're like, whew. Feel like my insides were just cleansed as if I was in a car wash.  Guess what? Laughing that kind of laugh. That you laughed in seventh grade when something happened and you made eye contact with your friend across the classroom and you lost your shit and then you got in trouble and then you couldn't stop laughing.

And it didn't matter how stern the adults were around you. You and your friend were losing your marbles. Guess what? Friends.  That kind of laughter that is uncontrollable, like when you find that you're like gasping for air and have the tears running down your face and you just cannot stop that silly.

I would almost say stoner laughter, guess what? Friends that is yet another way to complete the stress cycle. So last week's tip was all about crying and tell you clean. Your insides.

And this week is laughing that hard. According to the book, burnout, even reminiscing about times that you have laughed that hard can help your body go, oh, that's right.

That was hilarious. Oh my God. And you introduce this idea of levity and easy breeziness and what are we not doing when we're light and easy breezy? We're not worried about having our face eaten off by the proverbial saber-tooth tiger. So in other words, we can replicate those feelings of feeling good.

Laughing hysterically. So this week's assignment is a shortie. It's a quickie. And that is to make a go-to list of all the things that absolutely delight your sense of humor. So it could be movies from your teens that you still find funny. It could be sending a gift to that person who always makes you laugh.

It could be finding those clips on YouTube or TikTok that are just absolutely hilarious. One of my favorites is on Instagram and I can't remember what it is, but it's a guy who collects pet videos and he voices, what he thinks are the dog. And. Inside thoughts. And they're usually so funny that  I rely on that content creator on Instagram to delight my day to make me laugh so hard that I am, I'm texting it to other people.

I'm laughing. I have tears in my eyes. Again, this idea of washing out all the stress through this bodily sensation. Of laughter. So I would love to hear from you, what are some things that never fail to make you laugh so hard that you almost pee your pants?


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