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Self-Care Quick Start with Tami Hackbarth

100% Guilt-Free Self-Care Lessons So You Can Feel Less Like Shit


You want to feel less like shit, but you don’t want to add one more thing to your to do list.


The last thing you need is one more thing to do. You’re already overwhelmed and feel like you can’t ever get on top of things. Add the pandemic, endless cooking, cleaning, isolation, too much time with your family and losing the support you previously had and it’s a LOT.

The shit has hit the fan.

We are being expected to do more with less.

And it sucks.

What if I could help you imagine a different scenario –
one that sucks less?

Imagine if you got the rest you need

Imagine if you had a Family Support Team day

Imagine if you got an energy boost every day

Imagine if you got some space in your calendar and your brain

Imagine if you treated yourself as well as you treat your best friend

What in your life would change if you got your needs met?

The Self-Care Quick Start was created so you can start feeling less like shit right now.

I’m Tami and I help women get their time and energy back so they can create the world they want to live in.

Before I discovered 100% Guilt-Free Self-Care I was a grumpy classroom teacher who felt stressed out, inflexible (bitchy), resentful, out of control and like I was always doing life wrong.

I knew things had to change when midyear my principal called me into his office to ask me if I was happy being a teacher.

Keep in mind, this guy thought I kicked ass in the classroom. He knew I was a rockstar at all the teacher work, but he wanted to know if I’d be happier doing something else because he didn’t see a single ounce of joy in my face.

I cried. Totally ugly cried. Because, the answer was no. I wasn’t happy being a teacher. I wasn’t happy in my life! I couldn’t see myself doing anything else because I felt I was called to be a teacher, but I wasn’t happy doing things the way they were.

Something had to change.

And It wasn’t pretty. (Because change never is…)

Long story short:

I was hurt and so I decided to punish them and not work so many hours for free.

Yes, I know this was immature. And yes, I have grown a lot since then.

Instead, I started going to yoga class in the afternoon. started cooking dinner and making sure I had good leftovers for lunch. I started making plans with friends for fun. I read a ton of books about happiness, productivity, and feeling great in your life.

What I discovered is when I put my needs first, I felt less like shit.

When I felt less like shit, I was better at everything.

When you join Self-Care Quick Start you get:

Self-Care Lessons

Each of the 10 lessons addresses the needs of your physical body, your mental health, your relationships and your community.

Mindset Makeover

Learn a 3 step process to create more peace in your life.

Journal Prompts

40+ coaching questions designed to dig deep into what’s stopping you from feeling the way you want to feel.


A private curated Pinterest board with more resources and inspiration.

It’s time to stop feeling like shit.