EP 146: 2022 Summer Quickie Series - Burnout Tip #10


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Hi friends. Welcome to the summer quickie series. This is my attempt at getting us all into some new habits this summer so that we can. Complete the stress cycle, banish burnout, reduce our stress and generally get some energy back before we head into fall.

So this summer quickie series, the first 10 episodes of it, and we are on tip number 10. Today, we have been deconstructing the book Burnout by the Nagoski sisters because they've done a deep dive into what causes stress and how we can recover from it so that we can have the time and energy that we need in order to create the life that we want and to create change in the world that we wanna see.

So reminder, there are two parts of the stress cycle. There's the stress, the thing that causes you brain to go, oh my God, we're being attacked. And then there's the action that you take to. Calm down your insides. So the calming down the insides part, that's called completing the stress cycle. And because most of us were unaware that this was a two part deal.

We have been. Just banishing stress. So getting rid of the stressor and thinking I should be fine, but what we've noticed is shit. I'm not fine. That thing is gone. Still not fine. That thing is gone. I'm still thinking about the thing from seventh grade. That's still stressing me out. So the idea is because we didn't know was a two part deal.

Don't feel bad now, when you know better, you do better. So you've gotten rid of the stress. Now you're gonna complete the stress cycle by taking one of the 10 tips here. Just do a little every day because we've got the stress debt built up and hopefully we'll be feeling a little bit better.

All right. So just as a reminder, the number one thing that you can do to complete the stress cycle is everybody's least favorite thing, which is move your body. Let's just say it's really efficient. So I've never heard anyone that thought, God, I really wish I hadn't worked out. Okay. There are times when you do that, like when you're sick or if you're hurt or whatever, but, okay.

Yes. If you don't feel like you can do that, I've got nine other ways, right? That's why we're here together. Okay. So you can meditate, you can relax your body progressively. I've got tips and tricks on how to make all of this happen. Just go to the archives and find out you can laugh till you cry until you laugh.

You can hug and kiss your people for an uncomfortably long time. You can create stuff with your hands. You can connect with people in your inner circle or your surroundings around you. Connect with God. Your spirit nature. And finally, I don't know about you, but I've heard about a lot of pandemic pets.

Those little creatures that we all were like, yay. We work at home now. And dogs were like, this is the best thing ever. And cats were like, why are you all still here? Guess what? By spending time with your pets and taking care of your pets and petting your pets, you can help yourself and they can help you lower your stress.

So here's your challenge. I would love to see your pandemic pet, and that can be a pet that you've got during the pandemic. It can be a pet that you've had a long time and you got to spend more time with during the pandemic. Show me over on Instagram, who are your pets and how are you taking care of them and how are they taking care of you to help you complete the stress cycle?

My girl Jade is laying here right on my desk as I record this. And. She just lays on my desk. Now she snores, this is my outdoor cat, and now she is fully, I set up her bed. It's on my desk. We hang out all the time in between calls and in between sessions here on the podcast, I'm over there petting her and brushing her and grooming her and making sure that she's helping me and I'm helping her.

That's are the The people who keep on giving. They're like the they're not people, but they are like the family members who are unconditionally helping us to feel better. It's nice. Thanks, Jade. All right, friends. This is the end of my talk about the burnout book.

If you want more discussion about burnout, you can always find a replay of the book club that we did on burnout on the website. You can find me on Instagram and show me pictures of your pets.

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